Ain't she beautiful!! Honda VFR 750 F
"The Honda VFR is probably the best allround motorbike of the world"
(test results by various motorcycle magazines)

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Since 28 march 2001

My very first VFR is from 1994 and has 64000 km on the gauch, ofwich i drove 47000 within 2 years. I have to admitt, it truelly is a fantastic bike! It is the ideal bike for recreational driving alltough drivin' on a circuit also suits him wel.

My very first bike was a Suzuki GT 750 wich i parted of after 2 years to buy a Harley Davidson Superglide. After various modifications and visits to many countries (gatherings in England, Germany, Italy and Switserland) someone offered me such a big amount of cash, i just could not resist (....) In the back of my mind i already drove a more expansive HD but..... i never got around to buy another one, because i spend the money on other, more important things;-)

Then came a Suzuki GS550L (Nice bike for wheelies...), a Suzuki GS 750, a Honda XL 250, and a Yamaha XT 500 special (tuned engine, different frame, yamaha motocross front fork, suzuki motocross rearend etc, etc) and a Honda 500cc twostroke. After a few years of Off Road riding, the years without bike arrived.

Since juli 1999 i found the pleasure of riding again. The new bike is a Honda VT 750 Ace2. Nice bike but... not ideal for commuting. After 11 months, 15000 km and a few short vacations there she was: the VFR!

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