Looking for directions Do you know the way to Smuid? Must be around here somewhere...
Sjaak and Ron running to the beerstand Finally after the days ride, there's time for coffee and some grub.. Maybe some Heine... no! No commercials on this site..:-)
Motorcyclefarm JAREBA Departing from Jareba, a cheap but very nice address to sleep and drink in Northern France.
Motorcyclefarm JAREBA (in France) The perfect sleeping place!
Belgium A short stop somewhere in Belgium. And Jeroen wonders that the roadmaps tend to SLIJT. Strange eh, Jeroen?
Losse handjes:-) Alone on the VFR, no hands, a very cheap camera and click! Look at the result
Somewhere down the road Another short stop somewhere in "fries" country... I'll guess we'll have to turn and find the right road...:-(
Somewhere down that same road Come on! Don't look so angry! Reggy's Varadero is "a bit tired" Gee! It reminds me of a certain Brasilian (spoiled) soccer player:-)
Damn! Lost Again! Jeroen, don't say a thing... I'll bet you did'nt check the tour. What you say? You did?? Woehaaaaa .....
Coffee Time! What is this place called again? .. eeehhh... o yes, Coo!(Belgium) Or.. was it somewhere else??
Finally! We have found a gasstation! Pfew! Finally! A gasstation! Sure hope they have gas here! Very well timed, this tour. Right in the middle of a crisis where in the whole of Belgium, Netherlands and other european countries is a huge shortage of gasoline... Very small gastanks on those kawa's, hè boys??
Somewhere in Belgium Back Home, tumdedumtumdedumtumdedum, Back Home.....
(Courtesy of the Golden Earring)

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